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Designer of the month 12/2016

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Polina Gineva

United Kingdom

FACE TO FACE is black pen drawing series born on paper spreading now on walls, doors, glass, found objects, clothing, etc. The black lined drawings are Polina's vision on human connection, relation and communication in life. The lines unwind scenes, telling stories to the viewer.

Seekers of Design has partnered up with Google Campus London to promote up and coming artists and designers. Our most recent collaboration features the very lovely and astonishingly talented Polina Gineva. Her strong imagery and creative interpretation of human connectivity and relationships is both bold and exciting. Drawing and art has been Polina's passion since her early childhood. Her adventurous spirit and love of travel makes her our perfect partner. We are so pleased to feature Polina on our platform and hope to have many more opportunities to promote her, her inspired work and of course hear about her latest travels and surfing adventures.


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