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Resolution Centre

Resolution Centre
Buyers and Sellers can resolve a dispute related to a transaction through the Resolution Centre, where they can log each step. Both parties will be rated on how the dispute was resolved, and how happy each was with the result. It is therefore in both parties’ interest to do this as quickly and amicably as possible – i.e. PLAY NICE! If you are unable to resolve the issue, SODS will attempt to facilitate in good faith, flying the white flag, based solely on our interpretation of our policies. SODS has no obligation, however, to resolve disputes. We want all our users to have a great experience using the SODS site, and will do what we can to keep everyone happy. If you and the Designer are still unable to resolve your dispute, SODS will be happy to provide duelling pistols and a suitable dawn location!

If you'd like to communicate anything important, like unforeseen delivery times, product issues, returns, refunds, or if you just want to tell someone how fabulous they are, here's all you need to do:

a) Go to your dashboard and click on ‘Purchase Orders’ to view your history. ADD pic on email which you provided in the mail called ‘SODS MANUAL’

b) Click on the ‘ACTIONS’ icon on the right, to view the order details. ADD pic as in email ‘SODS MANUAL’

c) Click on ‘Resolution Centre’ to start communicating. Your complete chat history will be stored, enabling both you and the designer to rate how the issue has been dealt with, once it has been resolved and closed. ADD IMAGE