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Fees and Payment Policy

This policy is part of SODS Law. By using this website, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

1. Payments
1.1 Payments can be made using all major credit and debit cards.
1.2 For extra security, you will always be redirected to an external gateway, such as SagePay or PayPal.
1.3 We do not store customers’ card details, and all other information will be fully encrypted.
1.4 Payments from customers or buyers are held in escrow by SODS, until they receive the delivery from the Designer, and are satisfied with the purchase.
1.5 SODS pay designers on day 15 after the item(s) have been delivered to the customer, and on day 29 after the items have been delivered to wholesale buyers.
1.6 Payments of refunds will be made once confirmation has been received from the Designer, that all returned goods have been received in unused condition.
1.7 Electronic payments and bank transfers are subject to normal banking procedures, and in some cases payments can take a number of days to clear. Delays in clearing electronic payments or bank transfers are outside of our control, and we accept no responsibility for such delays.
1.8 Fees to be taken out of payments.
1.9 Fees owed to us, to be paid 28 days after invoice date

2. Fees
2.1 Designers
2.1.1 Listings
To keep our stock fresh and current, we charge you £1 for every item you list on SODS, and ask you to renew it every third month. Essentially you buy space or a page on our SODS platform. This price may be varied from time to time in accordance with these Designer Terms. You will not be charged for the amount of items you list on your listing's page, or the amount of variants you have of that product. Every different colour or price of an item, needs to be a new listing. You will be sent a reminder e-mail, when your listing is about to expire. You can click the link and renew those listings you wish to advertise again, or you can renew them in your account page. Your listings will be taken off the SODS platform, if you do not renew them.
2.1.2 Commission
For our hard work, we earn commission. Commission in respect of each item sold by you via the Platform, which will be for an amount equal to 15% of the sale price for sales to customers, and 10% for Wholesale orders to Industry Buyers.
2.1.3 Transaction and Bank fees. PayPal and Sage Pay
When you make a sale through SODS, your customer may choose to pay with an external payment gateway, which accepts all major debit and credit cards, such as PayPal or SagePay. Both charge fees for the transaction. PayPal charges 3%, and they may charge other fees, so please investigate the charges on www.paypal.com. SagePay charges between 1.8 and 2.85%, depending on the card the customer chooses to use.
2.1.4 Delivery Charges
We use UPS for all our shipping needs, as they help us to provide a great all-round service to our shoppers. Using UPS is convenient and easy, and we’ve negotiated the best rates possible for you. The cost of shipping will depend on the origin and destination, as well as the weight and size of the package. You will be charged £6.50 for local deliveries and for international deliveries. Once the location of the customer is noted on checking out, the remaining delivery cost (if any) will be charged to them. Shipping fees will automatically be deducted from the sales price.
2.1.4 VAT will be charged on the total amount owed to SODS for all UK designers. For EU designers who has a valid VAT number, VAT will not be charged. For all international designer VAT will also not be charged.  

2.2 Customers
At check-out, customers will be charged the sales price of the item selected, plus a delivery charge if applicable. All returns will be at the expense of the customer, and will be deducted before the funds are returned. Shipping labels will be sent out with the package for the customer's convenience, should they need to return the goods.

2.3 Wholesalers
As stated in SODS Law, this appendix confirms the specific payment terms for Wholesale Buying:
  1. VAT on the price shall be payable at the rate ruling on the date of the Designer's invoice.
  2. Goods will be supplied under the following payment terms: 100% deposit - Balance of VAT (if applicable) and delivery.
  3. The deposit is payable once the order is placed on the SODS site.
  4. The remaining balance of VAT (if any) is payable in full, and must be received before the goods can be shipped.
3. Fee Avoidance
Any action by Designer and Buyer to avoid fees is considered fee avoidance, and is strictly forbidden on SODS. Fee avoidance may lead to your accounts being suspended.

4. Taxes and VAT
All designers are responsible for their own VAT and Tax returns. Direct-to-consumer Listing prices should include VAT if the designer is VAT registered, whereas to wholesalers, they should exclude VAT.