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Students of Design Ltd, trading as SODS, is a online marketplace connecting fashion and lifestyle designers with individual and industry buyers, worldwide. We thrive on offering distinctive products created by carefully selected designers.

Our creatives benefit from our affiliated courier services and internationally-recognised payment processors, allowing them to offer a secure, reliable, and most importantly, a unique shopping experience.


We in turn offer them expert advice via our SODS Bible and Education Programme, and in the case of our more established designers, a secure on-line processing service offering their work to international wholesalers. This is achieved with minimum risk to the sellers and buyers, whilst the funds are held by ourselves in escrow.


We offer the industry unique merchandise unavailable on the high street, from sellers who are at their most expressive creatively, before the industry moulds their talent to its needs. Our objective is to ensure that all involved – designers, wholesalers and browsers alike – enjoy a positive and inspirational experience. The kind of experience after all, which makes any creative business model work.

Let’s celebrate talent at its purest!



SODS Directors
Your founders: Michelle, Anoesjcka & Lindy