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Students of Design Ltd, trading as SODS, is a marketplace connecting fashion and lifestyle designers with individual and wholesale buyers worldwide. We thrive on offering distinctive products from carefully selected designers.

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Google Campus London

Polina Gineva

Students of Design has partnered up with Google Campus London to promote up and coming artists and designers. Our most recent collaboration features the very lovely and astonishingly talented Polina Gineva. Her strong imagery and creative interpretation of human connectivity and relationships is both bold and exciting. Drawing and art has been Polina's passion since her early childhood. Her adventurous spirit and love of travel makes her our perfect partner. We are so pleased to feature Polina on our platform and hope to have many more opportunities to promote her, her inspired work and of course hear about her latest travels and surfing adventures.

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What the press are saying

The Students Pocket Guide - UK Fashion Is About To Change Forever...

Fashion… the one lifestyle choice where you can truly champion your individuality and ability to be unique. Be it through a striking pair of limited edition sneakers, a one off vintage coat or simply a quirky hand-me-down from the nineties, there is nothing like standing out from the crowd and expressing who you are through the power of clothes.

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Editor's picks

Santorus Scarves

We’re so in love with Santorus Silk Scarves! Scarves are such a big trend at the moment, and the array of colours will perfectly match any summer wardrobe. Every one of their scarves tells a unique story, creating a piece you'll treasure forever - a beautiful reminder of the occasion when you received it. Whether it was a memorable dinner with someone you love, a romantic weekend in Venice, or even a wild and exciting safari, this is the perfect gift to keep close to your heart and remind you of magical times together. Congratulations Santorus! We absolutely adore!

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SODS Bible

Welcome to the Holy SODS Bible

The Bible is a collection of posts, written by a group of SODS we’ve come to know and trust. Every article is carefully written by individuals we have worked with, who have agreed to make a contribution. We’ve included pieces written to help you with everything from how to take a great photograph, to how to manage your PR.

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